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Heidi Schrock

Classroom Page

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A little bit about me:  I graduated from Western Oregon University in 1989 and taught 4th grade at a small private school in the Portland area.  After that I homeschooled my own 4 children for 10 years.  Currently, I have had the privilege of working with the Dallas School District approximately 10 years and I continue to learn as well as experience great joy meeting children and families each year.  

In our classroom we try to create our own "family" culture where we focus on emotional health, life skills and character as well as academics.  All of these are the necessary foundation to a life "well lived".  The principles of our classroom are accepting and honoring all students because diversity enriches our lives.  Every child has infinite value and will be treated with kindness.  We celebrate growth with the understanding that each child has unique strengths and weaknesses, and has an individual rate of development; all children are capable of contributing to make our class a beautiful place to learn.  

Come, visit and join us in this journey of learning.  You are welcome here.  

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are always welcome to come in and work with students, listen to students read and help with prep work. 

Classroom Needs:  Our class is always in need of crackers, raisins, and other snacks. 

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